Glen Kronwetter

My Approach to your Wedding Ceremony

In casual conversation over the years, many people have commented to me that their wedding day was a blur. I'm sure you've heard that too.

Flowers, food, arrangements, accommodations all took on importance greater than the vows that two people make in this once-in-a-lifetime moment. The wedding ceremony itself simply became something to get through. Plus, in most church weddings couples hear the ceremony and vows for the first time while they are actually happening. Couples have told me they were anxious, nervous and simply trying to "survive" the ceremony.

My approach is different.

Wedding logistics will always be there, no matter what. What I do is bring the wedding ceremony into greater focus so that you will be as much "in the moment" during your vows as possible. I accomplish this in several ways; first, we together create a custom ceremony that is yours alone. Once written, we read it together a minimum of two times prior to your wedding day. This enables you to be as comfortable as possible with your ceremony prior to your wedding day. It is my overall objective that nothing will happen for the first time during the actual wedding ceremony and that as a result the ceremony itself will be the easiest part of your wedding day. The results to date have been quite gratifying. Couples tell me that they were far more relaxed than anticipated and felt as if only the three of us were present during the ceremony.

Wedding Couple