Glen Kronwetter

Achieving Your Dream Ceremony

The process is quite simple.

The first step is to contact me to check date availability. Next, you must feel comfortable that I am the right person to officiate your wedding. This typically happens through a combination of at least one phone conversation and a face-to-face meeting.

We then agree on the type of ceremony that you would like; Traditional, Contemporary, Romantic, Spiritual, thematic or something even more individual. Next I draft a minimum of two different ceremonies for your review and feedback. We then agree on one ceremony and it is developed until we are both satisfied.

I encourage each wedding couple to individually read their ceremony as many times as possible in advance of their wedding. Familiarization establishes confidence and confidence is calming.

During the week of the wedding, we will read the ceremony together at least two times prior to your actual wedding.

The first reading generally takes place in person. We discuss wedding particulars and resolve any last minute questions or issues.

Next comes the rehearsal. The objective of the rehearsal is to give the wedding party an understanding of their individual roles so that they will be as relaxed and confident as possible. Upon completion of the formal rehearsal the bride, groom and I read the ceremony again, this time standing in the actual spot where the wedding will take place.

One last point. Life is unpredictable and nothing can ruin a wedding like a Wedding Minster who is incapable of officiating your ceremony at the last minute as a result of unexpected illness. My wife, Donna Kronewetter, is also ordained as a Wedding Minister and serves as my backup in any unlikely event.

Achieving Your Dream Ceremony